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GDP Façade Care is the premier supplier of high rise window cleaning and façade maintenance services in Australia. Our reputation and success has been established on our ability to meet and exceed our clients expectations.


We have an unrivalled commitment to customer service and safety. GDP Façade Care provides our clients’ with the assurance that our projects will always be delivered in consideration of best practice in terms of quality and safety. All services are comprehensively detailed, appropriately managed and clearly communicated.


GDP Façade care were the first façade maintenance company in Victoria endorsed by Best Practice Australia for Quality (ISO 9001) Environmental (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety (AS/NZS45001) We have an absolute commitment to continual improvement and providing our clients with a premium service solution.


Window & Façade Cleaning

The presentation of façade surfaces maintains the quality of the building’s appearance and improves the experience for the tenants. Window and façade cleaning contribute to maximising the life of the glass, façade and seals. Pollutants can cause seals to perish, glass and façades to stain and tint to breakdown. Regular maintenance removes dirt and pollution build-up, reducing the risk of damage. Our team of experience rope access, BMU and EWP operators, have the capabilities to deliver a premium service in the safest and most efficient manner in the market.

Façade Restoration

Excessive exposure to pollutants or minerals, or neglecting to maintain the glass, metal and stone components of the façade can cause staining. Stained windows often create a hazy appearance and diminished reflection.

Alucabond panelling is often stained by precast or painted surfaces contaminating the façade. Over time the residue forms an additional adhesive for contaminants to attach.

Our façade restoration services include the removal of concrete, rust stains, mineral stains, water stains and even corrosion from the surfaces.

Façade Inspections

Regular inspection and early intervention can be far less costly than a lack of action. Similarly, detaching facade elements can cause significant risks to members of the public and building owners. GDP have the staff and experience to complete non-destructive facade audits cost effectively. We can also partner with facade engineers to provide higher level advice where failures are identified.

Façade Repairs

 A building façade is exposed to high winds, heat, rain, pollutants and movement. This can result in the requirement for repairs to façade elements that have deteriorated or been damaged. Repairing perished seals, leak detection, make safes, re-securing loose components or cladding, signage works and gutter maintenance often requires specialist access and planning. Our facade access professionals can implement safe work systems and corrective repairs to any type of façade.

Work Safety

GDP Façade Care is committed to the implementation of benchmark Occupational Health and Safety systems. Much of our work activities involve high risk works, so training and educating our staff ensures consistent improvement in our work systems. This is achieved through staff development, collaborating with internal and external professionals and promoting open and consistent communication. This ensures that risks are identified early, safety controls are well managed and well conveyed and staff are encouraged to participate in the on-going enhancement of the system.


Matthew Tisdall
Jeremy Arnup
National Façade Care Manager
COP_1423_BWarner sq
Brett Warner
Façade Care Manager (VIC)
Corproate Business Portrait Headshot

f the rope access team.

Moe Jichi
Façade Care Operations Manager (NSW)
James Ngatako

f the rope access team.

James Ngatoko
Rope Access Supervisor
Bill Wilson
William Wilson
Façade Care Supervisor

41-47 Racecourse Road
North Melbourne VIC 3051
Phone — 03 9329 8300
Email — [email protected]


2/12 Chaplin Drive
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone — 02 9997 1999
Email — [email protected]


3/30 Morley Street
Coorparoo Brisbane QLD 4151
Phone — 1300 841 848
Email — [email protected]

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